Get your reviews featured in our weekly ‘Top Reviews’ digest email on ReviewCreep

Hey! I’m a community manager for It’s a platform that helps WordPress Review Bloggers get more exposure (for free). If you have existing review blog posts on your blog, you can simply include your WordPress Blog URL during signup when it asks for it and it’ll easily let you add your reviews to the site. Your reviews could make our weekly curated email that gets sent out to all of our members.


30 thoughts on “Get your reviews featured in our weekly ‘Top Reviews’ digest email on ReviewCreep

    • Hey Kath, were you able to sign up and import your reviews? We just added a new “Import Reviews” button to do this so you won’t need to have your account removed. You’ll see it on the top right when you log in. We are building out the profile page which will act as a dashboard enabling you to see all your submitted reviews and much more :). We’ve gotten feedback from hundreds of reviewers to see what is really wanted in a profile… Didn’t wanna rush and build out something generic. Hopefully it’ll be of value to you once it’s ready :). Let me know if you have any other questions or trouble. Happy to help 🙂


    • Awesome to hear Alina. Thanks for signing up. We’re fixing some things this week and are working on some cool updates that will make things much easier for reviewers. Gotten lots of great feedback from hundreds of reviewers which is helping to guide our development process… we want to make sure anything we build out is actually going to be useful in solving their problems and helping them achieve what they need to. Let me know if you have any questions or troubles. Happy to help 🙂

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  1. I’m apparently stuck in registration limbo. It didn’t accept my blog URL because I didn’t use the WordPress one the first time. Then, it wouldn’t recognize that I had corrected the URL, so I refreshed the page but it started me over again. Now I can’t register because it says my email is already registered, but it won’t let me log in either saying I’m not using proper login credentials.


  2. Hiya! I’m seeking for Anime and Manga bloggers and stumbled on this blog. I couldn’t find your contact details, could you kindly send me an e-mail: alysonburston[at] — It is regarding writing about Anime/Manga type of offer. This isn’t spam by the way. Thanks.

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